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Musicians and Board Members

Randolph Singers Musicians and Board Members

Dick and Marjorie Drysdale, Co-Directors

 Drysdale has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in Vermont’s musical world, as a soloist, choral singer, conductor, and music teacher. She led the Randolph-based auditioned group, “ Sounding Joy!” for almost 30 years. Drysdale was chosen to lead the Randolph Singers in June, 2016.

Marta Borgstrom, Accompanist

Marta Borgstrom is an accomplished musician who plays piano, violin, and harp. She has been a musical director
and accompanist for many productions at Randolph's Chandler Music Hall.

Marta is a retired elementary music teacher having taught for 40 years in Vermont and New Jersey.
She pioneered a before-school drumming program for at-risk students as well as after-school enrichment lessons in violin.

In 2011 she was recognized as teacher of the year in Randolph.

A few years prior to that award she received Vermont's Alliance for Arts Education award from Governor Jim Douglas for her contributions to her community.

Board of Directors
  • Steve Pratt, President
  • Lindsay Meyer, Vice President
  • Chris Lesinski, Secretary
  • Tom Cooch, Treasurer
  • Steve Augustus
  • Shari Dutton
  • Diane Lints
  • Naomi Pratt
  • Sanders Stephen